I worked for many years as creative in advertising, in Milan and in Prague, winning a number of awards. And keep going.
What always drove my creative side is to find beauty and poetry in simple objects and products. I did it in my work and I always did it in photography and painting. I write and paint because I need that, basically. I need to see things, transform them, express my view on them. 

As a painter, watercolor is my main mean of expression. I love how simple and difficult it is. I love how direct a medium watercolor can be. Painting watercolor is emotional adventure, is like to play jazz (which I also do). You have a plan in mind but you move through that improvising, taking advantage of the unexpected and even of accident. You need a lot of technical background but you also need to forget it as soon you take brush in hand. 

In painting, the subject, the theme, is by far less important than the way you make it your own and transform it in a new thing, something that hopefully give to others a fraction of the emotion you felt working around it. Still there are themes on which I come back again and again, because they move something deep in me. For me they especially are the urban architecture, some sorts of landscapes and the world of sex and erotism. As a long time creative in “applied art” such advertising, I also love to work on themes given to me by a commissioner: portrait, animals or sometimes portraits of an home. All together, this is mainly what I paint now. I don’t know for tomorrow.

I illustrated a book of short novels and made a couple of covers for books. That was my father work and I loved to stay in his shoes sometimes. But mainly I paint free, what comes to me. Sometimes again and again and again the same subject until I think I found my way on it.

What else can I say? If you see something you love, make yourself happy and buy it. That will make myself thrilled and happy and from this circle of happiness only good things may come.

Happy seeing and buying from Milan, Italy.