Large Painting

Getting bigger

Watercolor and large sizes not easily go together. The fast inprovised medium watercolor is asks quadruple quickness and command each time you go one size larger. This is my first 50 x 70, a full imperial sheet. Finally an imposing size for exhibition or hanging in the room. I made it rereading the kiss of […]

Italian landscape Italian village and cities Landscape Painting Urban landscape

Looking around

There is no subject beautiful or ugly itself. All is in the mood and in the way you are able to look at it in the moment. And later in the way you can transfer that feeling to the viewer. This is what I think can be said looking at this my own painting. It […]

Italian landscape Italian village and cities Painting Urban landscape

Under the skin of a village

I am working by some time on a new way to paint landscape, where the beauty of watercolor transparency, playing, telling losely the soul of places, not their external look, working with expression, energy, using symbolism, sometimes some abstraction, improvising. This painting is quite successfull example, I think. It is what I am trying to […]

Clouds and sky Landscape Painting

The End

End of summer. The sky fills of clouds. The wind pushes toward autumn. Time to be back. Finally. 27 x 37 – painted 21 x 30 – price cat B

Clouds and sky Painting


A strong wind. A stream of black clouds. You watch out of your window and see the summer go. 37 x 46 – Cat D

Italian landscape Italian village and cities Painting

Last day

Summer always ends with sky turning gray, cloudy and windy. Some warmths remains but autumn is catching on. And nothing will stop him. 37 x 46 – Price category C

Italian landscape Landscape Painting

Light on

Looking at this, a friend told me that light tutned on on my painting. Not sure what she meant but I like to think I am finding my way in an artistic expression that looks at reality and turns it in imagination. It is Poggio seen from Marciana, a mountain view in Elba Island. I […]

Italian landscape Landscape Painting

Elba from chair

This is small 13 x 18 painting I did to decorate home at Elba. As the others of the serie (shown in gallery) it has a realistic approach to the subject, but filtered by my view.

Italian landscape Landscape Painting Seascape

A Morning in Marciana Marina

35 x 50 (painted). Price category C. I wake up early to ride my bicycle and this is what I see from window. Here I used completely different style from my last paintings here in Elba, expressing the calm and steady silence of an early morning at sea. The only moment of calm in a […]

Italian landscape Painting Seascape Urban landscape

Half sheet of Baghdad

On the route of being serious watercolorist the size of painting matters and here in vacation I am pushing myself to express on larger surfaces, which I discovered to be very amysing. Here is a large picture on half imperial sheet of a sea place where my sister is, and she says it resembles… Baghdad. […]